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A bit predictable I know, but I must say something about the UK elections, which as some readers may have noticed, ended in a surprise win for the Conservative  Party, and the return to Downing Street of a very relieved PM. Opinion pollsters are embarrassed that all through the campaign they had consistently predicted another outcome. It was apparent however that Labour had put up a real turkey: with the connivance of neanderthal trade union bosses they had inexplicably selected the wrong  Milliband, the nerdish Ed instead  of the smooth, distinguished ex-Foreign Minister and bf of Hillary, his brother David. Despite this they were expected to win hands down.

How did they all get it so wrong ? First, the miasma of political correctness that rolls across the Atlantic has made it socially dangerous to even mention a sensible opinion on immigration, social security abuse, or our bankrupt public finances. We all like to appear paragons of selflessness and social justice. So before voting, millions of electors had to creep around for weeks harbouring intentions they dared not vocalise even to pollsters.

Second, but related, the BBC and other broadcasting media, are peopled with parlour pinks, limousine liberals, and in the upper management ranks Bollinger Bolsheviks. Most of these people enjoy magnificent life styles on the public purse, but espouse somewhat inconsistent political views. They see Conservative supporters, not one of whom they are ever likely to meet socially, as monsters with a close genetic connection to Genghis Khan and the assembled cast of Game of Thrones. The drip-drip effect of this on perceived opinion, seeping in to everything from the scheduling of news items to the tone of comedy shows, must surely have its effect over time.

But on this occasion, common sense won out. For now, and hopefully for five years more, we remain free – and potentially solvent.