medibank ceo supports federal health minister

Medibank Managing Director and CEO, George Savvides has given his  strong support to Federal Health Minister, Sussan Ley’s review of 5,700 Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) listed services aimed at ensuring these reflect contemporary clinical best practice and improve health outcomes for patient.
“Australia’s ageing population, the ever increasing costs of new technologies and the rising incidences of chronic illnesses are combining to place unsustainable cost pressures on our health system and threatening its long-term viability,” said Mr Savvides.

“The only way to ensure Australia can afford and sustain a high-quality health system is to make sure we regularly review practices and challenge the continued use of tests and procedures that produce no or little clinical value,” Mr Savvides said. “These consume valuable resources that could be better spent on treating patients with more effective, evidence backed clinical interventions.”

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