CMA rules out enforced sale

The UK Competition and Markets (Authority) has concluded following new evidence, that extra remedies in London's private healthcare market such as price controls would not be proportionate as part of its investigation into the UK private healthcare market.

The Competition Commission, a predecessor body of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), started a market investigation into private healthcare in April 2012, which reported in April 2014, immediately after the establishment of the CMA. The report concluded that certain features of the markets for privately-funded healthcare services were leading to adverse effects on competition (AEC). In the London market, the CMA required HCA International Limited, the largest private hospital operator in central London, to sell one or two of its hospitals.

However, following an appeal to the Competition Appeal Tribunal, the CMA subsequently acknowledged errors in its statistical analysis and asked the Competition Appeal Tribunal to remit the parts of the findings affected by the errors back to the CMA, for it to reconsider and reach a new decision.

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