About IFHP

The International Federation of Health Plans was founded in 1968 by a group of health insurance industry leaders, and is now the leading global network of the industry, with eighty member companies in twenty five countries. We aim to assist in the maintenance of high ethical and professional standards throughout the industry.

The iFHP is governed by the Council of Management under our current President Mr. Keith Gibbs CEO AXA PPP Healthcare, UK.

Why industry leaders value their membership of the iFHP.

Why industry leaders value their membership of the iFHP

Listen to what some of our members have to say about the International Federation of Health Plans.


Our Members

Our Federation has over eighty member companies in twenty five countries,  view the full list of members by country.


Federation members are companies of good standing who offer a range of health insurance products to their host population.

A major asset of the Federation is its membership network. Health Plans in different countries share many of the same challenges and problems, and the desire to exchange expertise and arrive at common solutions unites iFHP members as a distinct and cohesive group. A prestigious membership list ensures that our members have access to relevant contacts, both at home and internationally

What are the benefits of Membership?

  • Access to an international network of industry leaders
  • Eligibility to attend Member only Federation events including conferences, events, expert panels and seminars
  • Opportunities for unique specialist educational events
  • Opportunity to participate in our unique Executive Development Programme

Who should join?

  • Full membership is open to organisations offering health insurance cover. 
  • Also welcome are TPA’s carrying out a broad range of administrative services to health insurers and re-insurance providers
  • National and regional health insurance associations may apply for associate membership
  • Companies who supply goods or services to health insurers may apply for affiliate membership
  • Membership is open to organisations sharing our aims and whose operations and business practices conform to standards generally acceptable within the Federation.
  • Membership applications are reviewed by the iFHP Council of Management. Annual subscriptions are levied on a sliding scale based on annual premium income.