The iFHP Executive Development Programme (EDP) was launched in 2003. It allows our CEOs to nominate key Executives to attend a seven country study tour focussing on health insurance and provides an opportunity to broaden the horizons of individuals with identified top management potential. This intensive series of study visits is aimed at providing;

  • exposure to the commercial and political realities in overseas markets
  • an opportunity to work with fellow future industry leaders from around the world

Educational content varies depending on local circumstances, but will aim to cover the following;
•    National health systems and their interaction with the private sector
•    Relations with government, regulators and media
•    Operations of host plans e.g. sales/marketing, HR, product design, IT
•    Provider issues

Recent programmes have featured study visits to leading health plans in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, USA and Europe.

Fellows should take away from the programme a broad comparative overview of health systems, examples of good practice within health insurance globally and an informed perception of how their own health system and industry compares with others.

Member CEOs requiring further information on nominations to the programme should contact

Bilateral contacts and visits between members at all levels of management allow opportunities for close co-operation and in depth sharing of expertise.


·        A shared experience that enables participants to learn from the hosts as well as each other.  These learnings inform and shape perspectives that delegates can take back to their organizations that potentially inform new programs or strengthen existing ones.

·        The unique format of co-learning alongside a small group of executives who spend most of 4 weeks immersed in the sociopolitical and economic climates of host nations enables the creation of a network of friends and colleagues who can call upon each other for the remainder of their careers if they so choose.

·        The informal learning that takes place over meals, in cars and planes or simply walking about provides perhaps some of the richest opportunities for learning and connecting; this is near impossible to do in our workaday worlds and cannot be duplicated through virtual means.