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Bernard Tyson

  • Tom Sackville

Bernard Tyson

I have the sad duty to report the tragic and shocking news that our dear friend Bernard Tyson, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser, and iFHP Deputy Chairman, died in his sleep last weekend. The cause is not yet clear: we were with him for our Council meeting in Beijing only ten days ago, and he seemed well and positive.


This is a huge loss for all of us, and for healthcare generally. Under his leadership Kaiser has not only grown rapidly, but excelled both clinically and in technological innovation. Kaiser has become in recent times the world’s most admired large scale integrated health system. Bernard had huge plans for further development.


From our iFHP point of view, in Bernard we have lost a true friend and powerful supporter. We must not forget that when he took over the top job, he faced the responsibility for a large and growing workforce and a huge ongoing agenda for change: he was under no obligation to continue his predecessor George Halvorson’s close relationship with us. But he did, and more, devoting precious personal travel and meeting time as well as Kaiser resources to furthering our aims. Bernard is in short, irreplaceable.

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