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COVID-19 and 2020 Events

  • The iFHP

We have continued to monitor the alarming situation for COVID-19 as it spreads across the world. At this time the focus of the industry is rightly diverted to supporting those affected, and managing the impact of this crisis. With regard to our conference planned for May in Paris, I am sad to have to inform you that events of the last week, culminating in President Macron’s statement putting France in to “total lockdown” have forced us to cancel the iFHP Paris conference in May. I hope you will agree that this matter is out of our hands, and in taking this decision we are bowing to the inevitable. We are deeply grateful to you for your patience and support to date. We will be in touch very soon on financial arrangements, and when or if things become a bit clearer, any proposals we can make for re-scheduling of such an event or a virtual session so we can connect in this manner. The two Expert Panels are now scheduled for September and we will update and monitor the situation. Stay well and we hope that we can see you all again in happier times.

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