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Cybersecurity – Is a Cyberbreach Inevitable?

  • Nicola Jedrej
  • Insights Cybersecurity

This was a question we asked ourselves at the recent Expert Panel meeting in Seattle. At the beginning of 2017 Experian predicted that the healthcare sector would be the most targeted vertical industry.

The Identity Threat Resource Centre http://www.idtheftcenter.org/ indicated that more than 25% of all data breaches were related to healthcare, with an estimated loss of $5.6 billion per year. Health insurers are a rich target for criminals, with detailed personal information of offer to those than can penetrate the systems that guard this data. IO Active https://ioactive.com/, a cybersecurity advisory consulting firm offered insights into other sectors and to understand a little more about how other sectors, such as retail and finance are securing their own and client data.  

So how do you plan and prepare for this as a leader? Tracey Pretorius, Director of Cybersecurity and Cloud Strategy talked through real-life crisis management planning based on the experiences at Microsoft – one of the most targeted companies in the world. The Microsoft plan can be found here (click to member view area).

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