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iFHP Comparative Price Report Issued

  • Tom Sackville

New iFHP Price Report highlights health care spending variations across the world

The International Federation of Health Plans (iFHP) a CEO network of the global health insurance industry based in London, in partnership with the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) in the United States, and iFHP member companies in eight countries, today published their latest International Comparative Price Report.


Last published in 2016, the Report once again highlights the wide variations in amounts charged to health insurance and other payors across the world, with the prices paid for health care services in the United States often significantly higher for a variety of commonly used diagnostic and surgical procedures, and pharmaceutical drugs.


“This confirms our conclusions from earlier surveys, that variations in overall expenditure on healthcare depend less on utilisation or quality, but rather on the unit cost for each episode of care”, said Tom Sackville, CEO of the iFHP. The survey illustrates that the average cost of a CT or MRI scan can be up to 5 times more in the US than in countries with equally advanced health care systems such as Holland or Switzerland. Similarly, the survey shows how childbirth admissions can cost two to three times more in the US.


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