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Positive outcomes from a Pandemic?

  • Nicola Jedrej

The last few months have brought untold stress, sadness, loss and uncertainly to millions across to world, and not many can say they have been untouched by COVID -19. However, as we move through the crisis and countries start to resume a more “normal”, albeit different existence, can we draw upon the positives? The iFHP found some of these more positive reflections from our members and how collectively we can harness the new opportunities from around the world.

Some providers felt on the “backfoot” with the pace of adoption of virtual technology with a multitude of new offerings coming to market in the space of weeks and months rather than years. Leaders are now actively looking for new solutions and ensuring that the organisation has the ability to create or integrate digital tools. The landscape has forced through change which we could argue was needed and disrupted traditional healthcare models.


The pandemic has led to a plethora of new policies, but it has also forced payers to lean even more heavily on the relationships they had already forged with providers and partners and employees. The value of better communication can only be a benefit - for both relationships, reliable supply and creating a robust network.


Finally, the value of individuals working in new ways, new roles and across virtual teams has made remote working accessible for many. The challenge of logistics is getting people back to work, in large high density area, means that many payers don’t expect a full return to work until 2021. But we continue to collaborate, support and innovate with each other from wherever we are able.


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