Executive Development Programme

The iFHP offers an annual Executive Development Programme (EDP) to our members. This successful initiative provides member CEO’s with a valuable opportunity to send “rising star” managers to a number of cities (in 2017 Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, San Francisco, Vancouver, Dublin, Cologne, Zurich and Madrid) for two weeks in each continent, split between Spring and Autumn.


An innovative learning experience

A 10-15 strong group nominated by member CEO’s follow an intensive programme of study provided exclusively by leading local health insurers. These cover markets, business practices and interaction with public health systems. The programme provides participants with a unique, immersive and innovative learning experience coupled with the benefit of continued dialogue and peer networks established within the group.


Clarity with connection

The objective of the programme is to gain a greater understanding of various heath care systems, legislation and strategies from outside the delegates own company and country. Participants will leave the course with a clearer idea of global issues and in addition create a long-lasting peer network.

Exclusively for Members

Our Executive Development Programme (EDP) allows our CEOs to nominate key executives to take part in an 8 country study tour over 2 two-week sessions. It provides an opportunity to broaden the horizons of individuals with identified top management potential

Additional Benefits

Through its diverse membership of over 70 health organisations and insurers, in 25 countries, the iFHP offers a unique membership proposition including:

  • Exclusive member-only events
  • Unique member only educational programmes
  • Expert Panels, CEO nominated special interest groups
  • Privileged access to a network of contacts across the industry
  • Market intelligence including, news, opinions, and industry reports