UK PMI complaints increase

The UK Competition Commission has revealed that Bupa has seen member complaints increase by 50% as UK PMI complaints increased  to a two-year high for a number of major insurers. (Source: Cover Magazine)
The Commission found complaints reported to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) concerning Bupa had increased by 50% to 12,165, over a two-year period.

Meanwhile, complaints about Aviva had risen by 87% to 3,544. Complaints concerning Prudential Health Services Ltd had increased by a third (36%) to 1,878. However, AXA PPP saw complaints fall from 3,339 to 2,729 between 2011 and 2012.

"The number of complaints notified by other PMIs does not appear to increase at the time the FSA rules changed. AXA PPP's level of complaints, which were about a quarter of Bupa's in 2012 remained fairly constant throughout. The number of complaints by Aviva [did] show a sharp increase but in 2012, quite a long time after the change to the FSA rules." 

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